Sunday, November 21, 2004

I had recently gotten some stencils from Ma Vinci's Relinquary. It is kinda funny that I use the stencils for my ABs but not for my classroom. Anyway, I started with a craft brown sheet from my journal. I had just gotten a new journal from Stampington. I used water color crayons and squiggled all over. I then took some acrylic paints and dry brushed them on vertically and a couple of colors horizontally. Let dry. I then took large stencils (I think 4") and used soft pastels to fill in a "B" and a "P". My first initial and my dh's initial. On the 1" stencils themselves, I took Adirondack color washes and sprayed different colors randomly on them. I smeared some of them and let some just dry for different effects. I then used some black and white gesso spray on them. Let dry completely. I used crayons to highlight the letters themselves on the stencils. For some of the stencils, I used a tag background. I used some parking receipts, coat tickets, and some distressed tags. I finished with Dorland's wax. The Dorland's worked really well to give it a matte finish and to prevent the crayon and pastels from lifting off. I am very happy with this spread. One of my favorites. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I love your art. I'm sure I'll be a regular checking for updates.


Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda!

I love your work! The spreads with the stencils are great!