Saturday, November 06, 2004

Very sad today

I have been creating more than usual lately, but nothing for public viewing. I may do so later when it does not pain me so much. My grandmother passed away last Friday from a massive stroke and the funeral is today. I just keep thinking about how she won't be here this Thanksgiving or Christmas. She always made it a point to come to either one or both to see my two small children. The holidays won't be the same without her talking to my kids in Chinese. I hope that she is in a better place. She raised me in Hong Kong when I was 3 months old until I was about 3. She later came to America and took care of me. She has been caring for me ever since. She was always calling me - concerned about me or my family - that I was not eating enough. She taught me how to make Chinese delicacies - which I still can't make as well as she could. She always slipped me or my kids money in the little red envelope (lucky envelopes) even though she did not have much for herself. Grandma always made sure that the kids also had presents for their birthdays and Christmas. She had the stroke the day after my daughter's second birthday. I am very sad that my little one will never remember her great-grandmother. I will only have pictures and memories to share with her. My son may remember her but will have never really known her. He just knows that mommy is sad. I am very sad.


Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda. I'm sorry to read of your grandmother's passing. I'm sure this was very difficult as you were so close. I just was checking in at ABAB and was spending time on your blog site.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Hugs! My Gram passed away afew years ago from a stroke also. My Gram like yours was one of kind. Be very gentle with yourself right now and through the holidays.