Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I started this beeswax collage for a swap. I made 2 - one to keep and one for the swap. This is the one that I am keeping. The other one is similar but not exactly the same. I cut a Scrabble board to 5x7. I then sanded it down slightly to get rid of the glossy finish. I then put black masking tape on 2 of the edges so all the edges would be black. I then used some magic net stuff and put it on lengthwise. Sprayed with Adirondack spray wash. Removed the netting. Taped a bingo card onto surface. I then used a gesso wash on it. Let dry. I stamped images on the bingo card and bottom. Letter stickers spelling out BEESWAX. Used natural beeswax for this project. Melted it in a crock pot on high setting and then kept it at low since it has a low flash point. Lower right beeswax pattern from punchinella and brown shoe polish. Lay punchinella flat and dab beeswax generously onto it. Let harden until wax clouds up. Lift off gently. Don't wait to long or whole thing comes up. Use brown shoe polish or gold glaze for color. Mona Lisa stamp inside small container. Diamond glaze holding the face and key next to the Mona Lisa. Used beeswax to hold in place. Dipped girl and wings into beeswax quickly for a light coating so not cloudy. Attached to board. Used passion stamp with beeswax for word on upper right. Brown shoe polish for color. Used stencils for A 1. Just dabbed some melted wax over it. Used a brush and lightly brushed melted beeswax over entire surface. Used heat gun to smooth out and eliminate chunks. Attached bead trim on back side with diamond glaze. Used diamond glaze to attach glass piece to girl's head. Used a little Adirondack butterscotch alcohol ink to color glass. Used gold Creative Mode Wonder Wash over wings and larger part of beeswax for bright sheen. Not my first work with beeswax but one that I really enjoyed doing. Posted by Hello

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Ellen Shipley said...

This sounds like a really fascinating process. I'd like to try it sometime. Can you heat the beeswax in the microwave?