Sunday, February 20, 2005

I wanted to play with oil pastels and beeswax. I began by putting down a layer of blue Golden's fluid acrylics. I then put an old dress pattern on top of it. The acrylic acted like a glue and the pattern stuck to it. I then put strips of patterned and colored paper all over the canvas vertically with beeswax. Dipped the strips in beeswax and then laid it on the canvas. I then took some oil pastels and used my scissors to cut small chunks directly onto the canvas. I used my mini clover iron and melted the colors onto the beeswaxed papers on the canvas. I then took the stencils and colored them with watercolor crayons. It is a little hard to read: GIVE IN TO YOUR PASSION DAILY. I then used beeswax to adhere the stencils onto the canvas. Took some more chunks of oil pastels and melted them on top of the stencils. I finished by stamping some of my favorite Zetti images on fluorescent orange card stock and cut them out. Used beeswax to adhere to canvas. Used clover iron to melt excess and attach images more firmly to canvas. Looks kind of busy but this was just an experimentation in coloring beeswax. Posted by Hello

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