Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This is my newest piece of art. This is going to be part of a white deco quilt that I am going to submit to Somerset Studio for their white issue. In the Chinese culture, white signifies death and the bad luck associated with it. White has always meant getting dirty, spilling cofffee on myself, and death. Death is the strongest thing that comes to my mind when I try to attach meaning to the color white. I lost my grandmother this last October - right after my daughter's second birthday. My daughter keeps telling me that it is her in the quilt square and not me. The red color in the background of the eye piece is a little message to grandma. Red signifies good luck in the Chinese culture. I wish her the best and hope she is having good luck wherever she may be. She was also always cold. I hope that she has a nice, warm sweater on - wherever she may be right now. I did this using a Bingo card as a background. I cut out the pictures and used various papers for the background around the smaller picture. I tore the background papers a little larger than the picture itself. There are 3 layers of paper behind the smaller picture plus the Bingo card. I then used a white gesso spray to get the aged effect. It is just half water and half gesso in a spray bottle. I just enlarged the photo 200% for the larger photo. I used Diamond Glaze to attach the eye glass to the picture. The picture behind it was rather faint - so I put part of the photo on top of the eye glass. I journaled around the larger picture. It talks about my loss and how I miss her. I sewed the buttons on the page. I then put on the "white...mourning" on the bottom of the page. The last thing I did was to mount the page onto a piece of fabric so that the other people working on this deco could sew their patch on. I used diamond glaze to attach to the fabric and to attach the ribbon as a border. I am not a sewer! All those years of high school sewing and Singer classes left me a long time ago. Posted by Hello

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