Sunday, April 24, 2005

This is my first art doll. I was going through Art Doll Quarterly and the article by Diana Twedt, "Body-Image Dolls", "spoke" to me. I am going to do similar ones with my 5th grade class - self-esteem dolls. I started out with a piece of foam board. I used mod podge as the adhesive. I glued on yellow and brown tissue paper-like papers. I then put on different scraps of printed and textured paper. The word that describes myself is SURLY. I attached the little lizards because I like lizards. This doll was all about the papers and things I liked. I let the papers dry completely and then put on a thin coat of Creative mode Wonder Wash in Gold. I then added the embellishments using Diamond Glaze. The bottom image is from a Zettiology collage sheet. The actual metal circle thingy is from called an ornate cabochon. I put the Zetti image in there and then filled it with Diamond Glaze. Let dry overnight. The hands and feet made from Creative Paper Clay and then painted with antique white. That was quite a challenge for me since I shaped it free-hand. I stuck the wire in the foam board and reinforced it with a little diamond glaze. I finished it off a chipboard back that I also mod podged with tissue-like paper. Chipboard is thin cardboard like on the back of notepads. I am really happy with this doll. This is really me - except for the wire hair! Posted by Hello


Becca said...

I love this doll and I think having fifth grade girls make them is a brilliant idea ... it would probably be great at every age! Thank you for telling us how to do this - your work is so unique and exciting.

Mim said...

I love your blog. I love how you share your process. So many people are learning from you. You are a true teacher. Your students are so incredibly blessed to have you!