Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just got Tim Holtz's new book, distressables. It is a very fun book. I have pretty much stopped buying the AB books but had to get this one after Chris showed it to me. It showed me some great ideas on how to use some of my favorite stuff. I LOVE optical lenses and this was fast and easy. I highly recommend this book! Thanks for telling me about it, Chris! I got it from his site,, and it came autographed. Bonus! I just got it today and had to play. The faux optical lense is from I cut out a piece of tape measure paper. Put that over the glass. Added the word, "j" sticker and watch parts. Then I added Diamond Glaze to the whole thing and let dry. It was so quick and easy! I will have to try it with a larger faux optical lense. This lense is 1" in diameter. carries the larger faux optical lenses. Posted by Hello

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