Saturday, May 14, 2005

These are my numbers for the Zettizoo Numerology Swap. I am in 3 different groups with 3 different numbers, 1, 3, and 9. Each number (based upon your birthdate) represents certain things about your character and what can happen in the future (to put it very basically). There are also colors associated with each number. I put some of the characteristics of each number on the ATC and used its associated color a lot in the ATC as well. Number 1 is yellow, 3 is shades of purple, and 9 is brown. 1 is unity and self (amongst other things), 3 is triangle, triad, trinity, and etc..., and 9 is special because when you add up the multiples of 9 - they add up to 9. I have more number 9 characteristics than for number 3. I redid my birthdate over and over again and ended up with 3. I was kind of disappointed because I do not exhibit a lot of "3" characteristics. My favorite number is 9. I am sure this is more information than you have ever wanted to know. BTW, the metal piece on the number 9 ATC is a ribbon buckle from I just put the ribbon through it. I cut out the little face and stuck it in there. I secured it with some diamond glaze. It looks very shiny, smooth, and pretty in real life. Posted by Hello

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Becca said...

You can tell you like 9 best ... it is the best of all your excellent work! Your creativity is amazing.