Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Distressing tags using Distress Ink pads. I have most of them and tried them all except for soot (black). You can either do it with or without the crumpling first. I prefer the crumpled look. It takes more ink to do it on the smooth tag. Just a tip: Reink the pad before doing this if you are doing a lot. I did a rather large batch for a swap and as a store example. I tried the other colors like rose, yellow, and green. I did not like the results, so I went over them with the vintage photo color. I did mine on a large plastic tarp so I would not stain my carpet. I experimented with smooth and crumpled tags. If you crumple, make a dent in the middle of the tag first. It will crumple better and will less likely to tear. You will need to have a spray bottle with water, ink pad, iron, and ironing board handy. The iron and ironing board is optional but I prefer how the tag turns out. The tag is "softer" than the ones left to air dry. The texture is different. Okay, here is what I did. I went and used it DTP (direct to paper). That means that I put the ink pad directly on the paper. I just went over a huge portion, but not entirely covering the entire tag on both sides. Immediately spritz both sides with water. I did several before I ironed them. The important thing here is to get the tag wet so it will run and smear - like it's supposed to before the ink dries. I left them wet until I had several done. I then ironed them on both sides. I laid them on my art table to dry. I then put them under a few heavy books to straighten them out. They did curve a little. They were fine after the book press. I then took an ink pad and did the edges with Walnut Stain. The top middle tag is the Walnut stain. Did not like that. Preferred vintage photo ink for this project. Some green in there was also okay. Will post when I have the tag book done. Posted by Hello


Gillian said...

I've been distressing some tiny white tags using tea, but your ink ones look great. I found that leaving them in the tea overnight made the edges absorb more colour and darken a bit

Kelly said...

Thanks for the tips! I really like the look of these tags and appreciate you taking the time to explain the process. I have you added to my favorites! So glad I found your blog!