Saturday, June 04, 2005

Living on the backside - zig zag story for Jerri's deco in a Zettizoo deco RR. Each page has a section of the story. You need to zig and zag back and forth between pages to read the story. Here is the story: Living on the Backside
Belinda Spiwak

1. There once was a little girl who was always sick and could not go out to play with the other children. Her name was Zoe.

2. All Zoe could do all day long was look out the window, see all the other kids having fun, and wish that she could be out there as well.

3. Zoe felt left out and invisible like the backside of the picture. It was there but never noticed. Her life was boring and dull, dull, dull.

4. Zoe wondered why her life was so limited. Her mind was strong but her body was weak. Zoe was only limited by her physical being. So, Zoe retreated into her mind and used her imagination.

5. In her mind, Zoe had a whole new body. This body was strong. Zoe was never sick or weak.

6. The best part of this new body was that Zoe could go out and play. Zoe could do whatever she want! Zoe had never been so happy.

7. The only time that Zoe was sad was when she had to return to reality and into her old body.

8. Determined to never be sad again, Zoe had her parents pay for a body transplant in Thailand. Zoe now lives on the frontside of life. Zoe�s life is full with playing and doing art.

Moral: You can accomplish anything when you put your mind to it.
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Becca said...

wonderful work ... again.

I have posted my first attempt at collage on my blog giving you the credit for getting me into this area of art ... not at your level yet ... but I will keep trying. I love the new medium. thanks again for all your help and inspiration in getting started.