Saturday, July 09, 2005

Here is a book purse that I made during a Design Originals workshop last night. Michele Charles was the instructor. She was very personable and informative. I had a lot of fun doing this book purse. The inside is lined with a stamped piece of cloth that did not want to scan. The cloth was first colored with Adirondack spray washed and then stamped. Same thing with the gussets. I even got my gussets to match - pretty much. Loved doing the structure part - must be my engineer side coming out. Keys were attached with a little diamond glaze. It was very nice to see some people I know from AB-Chicagoland. I sat next to a very talented artist, Judy Colpack, and I got to finally meet Linda Micelli. Happy Birthday, Shari! Hi Harriet! Posted by Picasa


poppy said...

love your collages - would it be ok with you to feature the tag designs on my design blog?

Hanna said...

Love the book, beautiful. You must do art all day long since you are so procuctive! Wow, I'm inspired!