Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Life update

Things have been rough for me lately. Very stressful from all sides. I had sinus surgery last week and had a rough recovery. I am still getting headaches. They are becoming more like migraines. I did not get the tubes taken out of my nose for a week. I was miserable during that week and it hurt when they came out!!! My nose is so small that they had to use the pediatric tools. At the same time, I finished up my first zine. It is a mini zine for the Gleaner swap. I was very happy with it. My next zine will be for the Zettizoo group. Mine will be about Zetti ATCs. I am going to do my next zine for the Gleaner swap about stupid art mistakes. If you want to tell me about your stupid art mistake (and send me a scan of it, if you want), then I will send you a free copy if it gets into the zine. I think that people will relate and get a chuckle when they read about things that other people do. I am doing Terra Nova testing this week. Puts me really behind. Also, it hits my pocket since I provide 30 kids with a mid-test snack. I want them to do well on the tests. The beginning of this school year has been really overwhelming. There seems to be so much more to do. I also have a lot more kids. I am at 30 kids now. Guided reading is the big push in my district. There are problems there that I don't want to start about or I will late for work tomorrow morning. DH has not been very nice to me lately - even mean. My parents and he fight all the time and that puts me in the middle. I can't deal with that daily stress. I love my kids to death but they are trying my patience all the time now. My youngest is in tumbling and she thinks that gives her the right to barrel off of the furniture and use the walls to stop her. My son always has his head buried in his Gameboy. Do you know how tired I am of cartoons? I have seen the DVD of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3 times since it came out last week. I have already seen it in the theater. ARtwise, I just finished a niche for ABzine and did some ATCs for the ZettiZoo huge ATC swap. I am also finishing off some puzzle pieces for Susie's zine. I just finished doing my September AEM ATCS for the end of the month swap. It is still September, isn't it? Thanks for listening to me. It does help. No, it is not a Barbie World.

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becca said...

I am so sorry that you have been feeling so unwell. I truly hope you are better soon ... migraine free. And ... as a mom of six between 17 and 27 ... kids go through difficult ant trying phases but almost always end up just fine in the end ... with lots of love and prayer. But ... yes ... I got very tired of gameboy and cartoons and really out of the ballpark expectations ... but now they are all my best friends! Be well!