Sunday, October 16, 2005

These are paste paper backgrounds cut to ATC size. Marge, the purplehatist, gave me the instructions. Thanks so much. She is going to demo it at the November 6th AB-Chicagoland meeting, but I cannot go that day. Anyway, I tried it using her instructions and then using some Lumiere paints. Works both ways. If I did not like the pattern, then I put some glitter glue or Adirondack acrylic paints on top - just swirling it around randomly. Makes a big difference when it is cut up ATC sized. General directions for paste paper from Marge (abbreviated, of course). You need to have pieces of card stock cut in half if 8.5x11 or in quarters if 12x12. You will need to put something underneath that you can toss like wax paper or newspaper. I used a bunch of dixie cups to mix the PPA and Pearl - Ex. I also used the foam brushes and then threw them out. You can wash them out, but mine got really yucky. Anyway, you will need to mix up batches of PPA matte and Pearl Ex in little containers. Put your card stock on wax paper. Put a big glob of PPA on the card stock. BTW, Golden's matte medium also works. I used a foam brush and spread a nice, thick layer of PPA all over the paper. Then I randomly put the colored PPA all over. Don't overdo it or you will get mud. It is better to put on thick layers rather than thin so they can swirl. I used a fork and some other things with teeth to create the designs. Punchinella or sequin waste is also good to use. I put it on wax paper to dry completely. I also tried it with salt. Duh, of course most of it stuck to the paper and did not come off because PPA is a glue. It will be a great addition to my next zine though, stupid art mistakes. If you want to add glitter or other embellishments, do it while it is still wet. If you want to put on spray webbing, then wait until it is dry. I also just sprinkled some Pearl -Ex right onto the glob of PPA and spread it right onto the card stock. Let me know what interesting combinations you come up with. If you are interested in learning new techniques, then you should join the Art Explorations group. We learn a new technique every month and then swap 5-for-5 at the end of each month. Posted by Picasa

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