Saturday, November 12, 2005

This what I did this morning, very early this morning because my asthma is acting up (have a cold). I wondered how it would turn out if I added Pearl Ex to UTEE and stamp into it. I heated up some different colors of UTEE in a melting pot, put in a little Flex, and waited for it to melt. I then poured some on the heat resistent sheet. I quickly tapped some Pearl Ex on top of the UTEE and lightly pressed the stamp into the hot UTEE. Also need to tell you that I put blue pigment ink on the stamp before stamping in the UTEE. Pigment ink is the kind of ink you use for embossing. Takes a lot longer to dry than dye inks. After it cooled down enough so I could touch it, I carefully peeled the UTEE off the stamp. I trimmed the sides with a pair of sharp scissors. Do not wait until it totally cools or it will break apart into little pieces if you try to cut into then. The Harlequin diamonds were part of a large background stamp. I put a large puddle of UTEE, pearl ex, and then pressed the inked stamp into it. When it was cool enough to touch, I broke it into smaller pieces. This will be great as the background to the Tyvek pins that we are doing for the November AEM (art explorations of the month) for the artexplorations Yahoo group. Posted by Picasa

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