Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fat Book Examples

Here is a fat book that I hosted a while back. The Oddball Fat Book. Cover art by Cindy Irish. This is how a fat book looks bound with a plastic wire coil. Most fat books run 30+ pages - usually 40-60. Size is 4x4". Art is done on the front side. In some fat books, there is art on both sides of the page. If you are interested in fat books, then you might want to investigate the Fatbooks Yahoo group. This example posted for ABC-Altered Book Club.

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Alice said...

Thank you for sending me to your site. I keep wanting to enlarge the picture and reach out and grab the book and slobber over the pages. I now understand a little bit better what a fat book is. I think I will enjoy this. I think my topic will be secrets. Alice - not a blogger or do a web page (yet). HeHe.