Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am lovin' this fish. I used the medium sized one at the workshop. Well, I ordered all 3 of them - the same fish! I got it in small, medium, and large. I embossed first and then used the color wash. Just used cheap white cardstock. Loved the effect. There is a little something extra you need to do to get that matte effect. Notice how it does not look raised and shiny like embossing usually does. I like how it takes on some of the color. Posted by Picasa


Chloe's Mom said...

Hi Belinda,
That's the same Fred B. Mullett stamp that I fell in love with! I don't have him yet, though. One payday soon, though! I have a cod stamp from River City with stamps that go with it that say "It's a Christmas Cod!" and "It's a Birthday Cod!" Yeah, I'm warped. I'm also an Oddkin and in Zetti Zoo too. :o)


PS Love your new group even though I only have time to lurk at the moment!

Mim Smith Faro said...

Love the fish! I love the look too. It reminds me of those real fish prints you can make.