Thursday, July 20, 2006

About workshops

Someone made a comment about how she did not have workshops in her area. That may well be true. There may be sources nearby that you might need to investigate. I did not know until a year or so ago that there was an art gallery less than an hour away from me, several collage and art societies in the general area, and that there is a great art studio about 3 hours from me.

A great place to start is your local stamp store, scrapbooking store, local library, and community college. They hold classes or may know of someone who does. They might be able to get an artist in if there is enough demand. Try Google to get information in your area.

Another way to find out about workshops is to go to an artist's website. He or she will have a schedule of what workshops, where, and when it is being taught.

Here is a listing of some artists that I like. This is not a complete list and some artists you like may not be on here because I do not do that type of art or I do not know about them.

Hope this gets you started on your workshop journey. If you want a reply to any of your comments, then please include your email address in the message.

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