Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jacqueline Sullivan Workshop

This was a two day workshop. I really enjoyed this one. I worked on the two canvases at the same time. I loved playing with the different textures and working with the paint. I was not too sure of the colors but they ended up blending together more after a couple of days sitting in my art loft. They look much better in real life than in the digi pict. It is a process class. The only thing that took too long for me was on Sunday when we looked at what everyone had done up to that point. There were a lot of different comments and different perspectives. The found objects I brought worked well as focal images. Overall, it was a fun class for a technique junkie like myself. The only Golden product that I have not worked with before is the GAC200. Jacqueline was very personable and had very constructive comments for everyone. Even thought we started out a process class, we ended up with a finished product (most of us anyway).

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