Thursday, July 27, 2006

Love Beads

I saw a pict in PEOPLE the other day about the GAP giving away love beads in their LA and NY store. I understand that it was a big hippie thing in the 60's. I am a little too young to remember it since I was born in the mid-60's. I read that the strands were long - about 50 inches or so. Hippies would just wear multiple strands of them. Well, I strung some beads on some stretchy cord and came up with this. It measures 42" long. I just used whatever small beads I had laying around from my texture experiments. Love the idea, so I am hosting it as a 1-to-1 swap in Art Techniques.

Swap sign-ups until 8/15/06. Mail to your swap partner by 9/15/06. I would love to see what kind of love beads other people would send me.

BTW, if you turn this into a multi-million dollar business, then I expect a cut for giving you the idea!

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