Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yoga cover

This was done right after Articulations. It is on a copper sheet. I just traced the word "yoga" from the backside and then did the designs. I then traced the yoga stance from the front with a light touch and then outlined it from the back. I did all the designs and finished it by puffing out the letters and certain parts of the yoga stance. The colors I use to make it old/distressed/worn were Golden's fluid acrylics in transparent red oxide, interference green, and black acrylic paint. I did the first layer in transparent red oxide - wiped off the excess and let dry. Then a layer of interference green, wiped and let dry. The black acrylic paint was smeared on - making sure I got into the crevices and I wiped it off using a circular motion. Let dry. The final layer was interference green just around the letters and around the yoga stance. Let dry. The backside was filled with light spackle. I will put a matboard behind it and secured to my journal with brads.

The top picture is the finished journal. The journal was originally covered in red felt. I covered it with a coat of black acrylic, a shade of blue, and micaceous iron oxide. It made it kind of sparkly and gave it great texture. I used a crop-a-dile to punch the holes through the journal cover and through the metal+matboard. I had no problems. It is easier than my Japanese hole punch! to see the crop-a-dile.

I am so grooving on metal embossing. It is a lot of fun for me and it fits so well into my assemblages with found objects. Cheryl Darrow workshops are a lot of fun. I went to this one so I would get a better understanding of how I could use her tools. also carries it. Artful Gatherings has a partial line of her products. - AMACO has a great line of soft metal sheets that work well with the metal embossing tools.

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Amaco said...

Thanks for using AMACO's ArtEmboss metals. I'd like to post your finished piece on our Facebook to share with our readers. Great work!