Sunday, December 10, 2006

My glue lizard

I could not go anywhere for most of the day today because there was a heating issue with one of my rooms in my house. I saw this at school - art project for 5th graders and I wanted to try it. The picts are not in order. You can click on the pict if you want a larger view. Anyway, I drew the lizard onto a piece of black cardstock with silver marker. I then used Elmer's Glue and traced over what I drew. I let it dry completely overnight. I got a little enthusiastic and went over the dried glue with gold glue pen. I will know not to do that until the very end next time. The glue acts like a resist when you put other colors onto the black card stock. The ones at school were colored in with chalks/pastels. I don't have any right now since mine are at school - my 6th graders use them. I used Shivas instead. I used my finger to smudge the color all around. It will dry completely overnight. I went over the glue again with the gold pen after I was done. It was a fun and messy project. Sometimes, I just want to play and not think about it too much. My 8 year-old is doing one as well. If anyone wants to try it, you can also use crayons or chalks/pastels. You will need to seal it though with some hairspray. It will mute it a little but it will keep the color on the cardstock. Have fun creating.

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Anonymous said...

Thats cool,,i love black backgrounds,,making messes,,,and glue..Thanks for new idea,,i need simple projects while my brain is in a fibromaygia fog...Did you name the lizards??