Monday, January 08, 2007

Progress on Creativity Exercise

This is how far I have gotten with this. The white side is the sheer white fabric side with some flowers already on there. The other side is how it looks so far. Kind of looks like a big serendipity square. I have zigzagged the edges. I ran the tac iron over it again because parts of it were coming up. My anal retentive side wanted to sew over every section that stuck up. I left it for now. I did use my finger and put some iridescent gold over the paper towel white areas. I also used a little microglaze and gold pearl ex to add a little shimmer. Had some scraps of silver and gold foil and used that since I had the tac iron out. Will work on it some more when I have more time. I might turn it into some fabric postcards. No focal image. Just brilliant colors and texture.

School starts up tomorrow. ISAT testing in March. Will be very busy doing things for that until the testing is over. Lots of things to do and lots on my mind. Happy new year to me.

As always, comments welcome.

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