Saturday, January 27, 2007

Reply to resin questions

The little jars are from 7 gypsies. They are glass. Yes, I broke the lip of one. I am very enthusiastic and focused when working.

The silver bezels with jump ring attached are from Provocraft Etcetera line. You can do a search on eBay using Etcetera bezel and 4 shapes will show up.

I have not done resin before this. I have resin jewelry from other artists but have never done it myself. It was amazingly easy. You do need to be ready to make mistakes and to adjust as you go along. The ones I did not turn out perfectly. There are little imperfections. There are little dust spots that I can't do anything about. There is one charm that has a line going across it. I don't know what did it and heat did not fix it. I did learn that heating it too long cooks it and gives it a burned look. Not a good thing. You will find a complete review of resin after my two pict messages about resin charms.

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Anonymous said...

I just started using epoxy and resin myself and it was great to read about your experiences. I also had some bubble trouble but I think they sort of add to the hand made look :) I used castin' craft resin first and it didn't harden so I tried Envirotex lite and had much more success.

I am looking forward to trying more and reading about others experiences.

I love those little jars, they look great!
Continued success!!