Sunday, February 11, 2007

ColorMists review

I just got the Colormists from from Aileen. Yes, I have all the colors.

I tried just spraying it on some watercolor paper. It is very vibrant in color. Love that. The metallics are very lucious. They kinda remind me of Adirondack color wash but the tones are much more vibrant and bright. The colorwash is more earthtones only. Colormists have vibrant colors, earth tones, and metallics.

I don't have shaving cream at home. I will buy some the next time I am out to try the swirling thing. Aileen has tutorials on her site. Be sure to get deli paper and pipettes, if you do not already have some.

The sprayers did leak a little. I have to remember to close the tops tightly. I opened some up to do some brush painting with them. The colors washed right off my hands. It did not get imbedded into my skin like the Adirondack color washes do. It did leave a little tint on my finger after washing. Nothing obvious though.

I did some wax paper printing with acrylics on a sheet of watercolor paper. Wax paper printing technique is on my website. Link to website in right margin. I then took some metallic colormists and spritzed on top when I was done. It filled in my white spaces and gave it a really cool sheen.

The one I really liked was with gesso. I poured some gesso on a piece of watercolor paper and used a scraper to spread it around to give it some texture. I let that dry. I then spritzed ColorMists on top. Way cool! The gesso textures really came out through the color. It kinda acted like a resist. You have to try that one.

I also took a heat resist pad and sprayed different colors of ColorMist in vertical lines. Pressed some watercolor paper on top and got some great colors and a little blending.

Next, I am going to try it on paper towel. That should be interesting. It might be a fun tie dye thing. I will report more later and post my experiments once they have dried.

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Anne said...

I've got the colormists too, they are fantastic !! can you show what you do (photo) ? Thank you