Sunday, February 04, 2007

Metal charms and ATPs

The top two right ones are ATPs. I think I am going to make the one on the very right a necklace charm. I am going to put a silver ball chain on it and wear it to school tomorrow. Probably all my 6th graders will want one then.
The other ones are for my metal charms swap from the charms2007swap Yahoo group.
You can see some of the charms from other swaps on their blog:
I am hosting a found object charm swap in that group right now. Sign-ups are still open. You can find all the information in the group database.
I took copper and silver metal sheets that I had as scraps. I cut them slightly larger than I wanted and then folded the edges over so they would not be sharp and cut someone. I then took some black acrylic paint and used my finger to apply. I wiped it lightly with a towel. Let dry a couple of minutes. I then put on some quin/nickel azo gold fluid acrylic and some trasnparent red oxide fluid acrylic. Wiped excess off. Final layer was interference oxide green fluid acylic. Let dry completely. I finished it by spraying it with a few light coats of spray sealer. I let it sit in my garage for a couple of days to air out.
After the smell was gone, I punched various holes in there with my hole puncher. I put jump ring holes (okay, some extra holes, too) and put an eyelet brad through each hole. Love those little eyelet brads. Comes in antique gold and gun metal. It is sold by Pebbles Inc under I can dee (get it). With a name like that, it has to be a scrapbook item. Yet, it is very functional for a metal artist like me. I don't own that many eyelets because I don't use them much anymore.
Comments welcome. These were a lot of fun to do.

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