Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reponse to Swap numbers

Okay, we need to let this go. It does not work! I am not the only swap hostess that says so. There are at least two other big time swap hostesses that agree with me that we end up short every time and need to either make up the difference or give up some of our stuff that was swapped out. It is more of a problem with larger swaps.

It always starts out fine. It is the last , 4, or 5 where there are problems depending on the numbers involved. It always comes up short. It is too difficult to look on the backs of ones already swapped out to try and swap out again. Some people do not write their names on the back of swaps. Some people send in multiple numbers of the quantity and that drops the availability down right away.

I'm telling you that it does not work! It works if you have the exact number of swap items for the number of swappers. If Ido a 5 or 10 quantity, then a multiple thereof, I will be short. Other swap hostesses have told me the same thing. I am so glad that it is not just me. I am not stupid. I can count and can sort randomly.

It is easy on paper. You will know what I am talking about after you host a large swap.


zoom! said...

I've never hosted a swap. But mathematically it does work. The trick is to mix it up more. In other words, don't go in numerical sequence, otherwise you'll run out of certain numbers right away and be left with the last few people not having enough people to swap with.

This 'n That said...

I believe I see what you're saying, Belinda. Does that mean, then, that if you were doing say 25 for 25 and you limited it to 25 people, including the host, it would work out correctly? If that's what you mean, it makes complete sense to me. You could make yourself crazy with anything other than that. Bless you for having the patience to even try and I don't think a host should have to give up her stuff or make more for it to turn out right. Just my 2 cents. Judi Foster