Monday, March 12, 2007

Something for Judy

My mom got me a Singer sewing machine last week and I had to try it out to make sure it worked. I had asked my mom if she had a sewing machine. She said she still had the one that has been around since I was a little kid. She offered it to me but I said "no" because it was so big, heavy, and was attached to its own table. I would gladly take it apart for assemblages, but I would not have anywhere to put it in my house. I did not expect my mom to get me one. It was a surprise to me because my mom and I have never gotten along that well. I made sure I thanked her when I got it.

Back to the above picts. You can click on it to see more detail. It looks a lot better in real life. Judy was so kind to send me some samples of ones that she did. I took a look at it and tried it myself. Mine are different than hers though. The green's background paper images did not come through. You see them more as value textures. The gold and the quin/nickel azo gold ones came out really well where you can see the printd paper patterns - somewhat.

Time for me to go to bed now. I have testing this week. I need to be awake so I can walk around to monitor my kids. I will be so glad when this week will be over.

BTW, I am working on a huge sheet of rosin paper to create similar backgrounds to the ones above to trade at Art Unraveled. I am still vascillating between going home early or staying until Saturday night. I have two young children and I know that they will miss me. I am having guilt over that even though I want to stay. What shall I do? Need to think on it some more until my mind gives me a definite answer. I do think that my youngest, my daughter, will have a particularly hard time with me gone. What if they don't miss me at all? Then, I should go. Mommy guilt sucks.


Corrine said...

I had exactly the same prolem when I first went away for my own art time...I felt terribly guilty, but I enjoyed every minute. Stay away if you can bear it...They miss you, but not as much as you miss them, and you can always phone. The home coming is wonderful, then they give you hell for a day or two, then it is as if you never went away at all....So take time out for yourself, you deserve it. If you don't take the time for yourself, no one else will.
Corrine in NZ

Devra said...

If you have someone who can handle the emotions of the kids,whatever they may be, then go! Our children need to learn how to be with other people, it helps them foster their own sense of independence. It also is good for them to see you doing something that has meaning for you outside of being a mom. This way your kids get a taste of what adults do, and we want our kids to become adults with interests and occupations. Who better to teach them about being an adult but you? Go do your thing if your kids are with someone you trust and try to enjoy yourself sans guilt!
Aviva and I have a goal to absolve guilt...One mommy at a time. Today it was you!

Esmeralda said...

Love the earth tones you used for these! Love it!

Esmeralda said...

Forgot to mention, what a lovely suprise it was for you to receive a sewing machine from your mom :)
That's great!

Sandy said...

Mommy guilt sucks and if you're lucky, you will have it for many years. My kids are in their 20's and I still have mommy guilt! I'm being selfish by asking you to stay the week because I am going too. However, what counselors tell mommies all the time is to BE GOOD TO YOURSELF! By being good to yourself, you recharge and reenergize. That is then passed on to your kids.

When my daughter was first born, my husband insisted that I leave her at 6 weeks old to go on a weekend vacation with him. I cried all the way out of town, but that was soon replaced by the feeling of renewal that comes from doing adult activities with like-minded adults. Since then, I have left my kids many, many times. As long as I feel they are safe, I am good. I was even able to go on a cruise with no contact with them for a week.

When folks ask if I miss the kids, I always say YES, but it's a good miss! Then when I get home, for just a day or two they don't take me for granted. They tell me everything that has been on their minds. They kiss and cuddle. They tell on whoever watched them.

So I say, "STAY!" Another chance may not come again. We never know what will happen with jobs, health, etc. Your creative juices will be filled for a year. You will meet some of the folks who have admired your work and whose work you've admired. AU is an event and even if you're not taking classes on some days, there's lots to do, many to meet, and energy to soak up!