Monday, March 05, 2007

What irks me

A lot is irking me today. Sticking ATCs in 9 pocket sleeves, not understanding a string in a group of messages, and when people send me emails saying they don't like to participate in swaps where I ask for one extra. They say they don't do swaps where the hostess asks for a hostess gift - the extra swap item.

I don't think these people understand that it is not a hostess gift. If I am hosting a lot of swaps, I usually make the same amount as everyone else. That is what I would like to do. When a swap is 5-for-5, it works out great if I get a final number that is a multiple of 5. If not, then I have to make extra swap items or give some of mine up to make up for it. If I make 5, then I would like to get 5 back. I sometimes end up with 2, 3, or no swapped items depending on the final number of swap participants. Sometimes, I don't have the time to make extra. I don't like to short people.

If you don't like the swap requirements, then don't bother to sign-up for the swap. I don't want to hear why you don't want to do it. I don't want to have to justify my actions.

End of venting.


Spike said...

Not disagreeing with your right to ask for one extra (or ten, for that matter!) It's your swap, and if I don't like the way you run it, I don't have to play.

However, I'm curious. You set up a five for five, with the expectation that everyone will turn in 5 cards to be swapped. If I send in THREE cards, where do I reasonably expect to get FIVE back? Why should someone else (like the hostess) have to make more/forfiet their cards in order for me to get TWO extra cards?

Wouldn't it come out even to swap my three for three, and the other people who read the directions for the swap accordingly, so only the folks who put in short swaps received short swaps?

I'm just starting to dip my little pinkie toes into the big ol' pool of hostessing, so anything you wish to share regarding your experiences would be very much welcome.


Arty Lady's blog said...

I believe hostessing is a thankless task. You have to chase up everyone (why is it people who commit to swaps sometimes have a problem with this commitment), people drop out, etc. etc. I am grateful to anyone know who hosts swaps for that reason.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Belinda! If you don't like the terms, then don't sign up!!
Folks want things but don't think that the rules apply to them somehow! "THE RULES are THE RULES!!!
Stick to your guns and maybe take a break- you deserve it. Let some other folks step up and try it. IT IS NOT AN EASY TASK! and is certainly not full of goodies, extra's and gifts!!
I really admire your forthrightness and telling it like it is, stright talking I guess!!
YOU GO girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was checking your blog out for something else and saw your post about swaps--I agree wholeheartedly. People who have not hosted have no clue about the complexity involved, making sure everybody gets the right number of cards, making sure people have sent postage (you would be suprrised how many DO NOT). The swaps I do on groups are usually 6/5; on Papercrafts it's 6/6. Since I almost always do cards myself for the swaps I host, the extra card is donated to the group mom (on one group in particular) for group rewards for activities. I do not ask for hostess gifts but always appreciate it, and I almost always include a small gifty from myself as a thanks for participating