Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wrapped Fibers

Okay, this is the most fun, easy, and colorful thing I have done in a long time. I got this idea from some art friends while having breakfast with them. We are always bringing things to share. We bring out latest art books to see if we want to get it.

This is so simple. You wrap fibers around pipe cleaners. Of course, I did not have any, so I had to get some. I got the assortment pack. You need to remember that if you wrap only once around, then you might see the color of the pipe cleaner. If you do it twice, once up and then back down, then you will probably not see any of the pipe cleaner color. I just knotted the ends. Some people glue them. I did hot glue the fibers to the piece of fabric and painted paper towel. You could also hand sew it. That is my next thing to try.

You can click on the picts for a larger view.


rosebudinnh said...

ohhhh this is so neat.. I was looking at these and thinking , what a great boarder for a Fabric ATC. How Pretty. I love all your wonderful ideas, Thanks so much for all you do !!!!!! A true art fan of yours Rose G. /rosebudinnh

Contessa Kris said...

Your finished piece is absolutely beautiful! I have got to try this!