Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My patchwork blue jean purse

Click on the title and it will give you Celia's website. Or, you can just click on the link here: I have not gotten it yet, but the girlie in me is drooling over the picture. Can't wait to get it and put all my junk in there. This is one purse my daughter cannot play with. I might have to ask her to make me a knitting tote next!

Anyway, support a fellow artist and wonderful craftsperson in her new business - buy a fun, new purse for yourself or a loved one. Hey, you can even embellish it yourself with those charms that you just got back in a swap, inchies, or even some fibers. I am not sure if I would experiment with fabric paint though. Ooohh! Ooooh, I would put some big, metal eyelets on there with the crop-a-dile. That would look so funky on the strap. I am killing myself. Okay, I'm done now. Comment already!

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