Friday, April 06, 2007

My two favorite pieces

The top one is the one that hangs over my computer. The 2nd one hangs in our bedroom. To answer Zoom's question about the backgrounds - I don't know right now what I am going to do with them. I am just playing with things right now. I am going to send 5 sheets in for the April Monthly Art Technique Swap in the Art Techniques group (acrylic varnish and mica powder). I just put the other backgrounds aside until I have a project that I want to use it for. I have been working on various mixed media backgrounds using my needle felting and fabric. I am not concerned with finished pieces lately. I am not exhibiting this year and do not feel the need to create finished pieces. I create just to create. I love to create backgrounds. I love to twirl fibers around pipe cleaners while watching TV. I am not actually creating anything except something I like to look at and touch. That is where I am at. Now that I am comfortable where I am at as an artist, I don't find the need to create something that is finished. Now that I know what I am doing and know what I want to do, it does not matter as much to me. I do what I feel like doing. I felt a lot of pressure when I created pieces for exhibit. There were so many variables to consider. So, for now, I am just creating for me. If other people like it, then I will send them a piece. Otherwise, they will stay happily piled up in my loft.

Oh yeah, I am also collecting backgrounds to swap at Art Unraveled in August.


zoom! said...

Thanks very much for posting the Create picture. I like it. And I like your philosophy of creating for yourself, for the pleasure of creating. Pressure - from others, or from ourselves - can inhibit the process.

This 'n That said...

Wow Belinda - maybe I just needed to have someone say it's OK to just do things because you like to do them and not necessarily have an end in mind for them at present. I am constantly beating myself up for doing art I enjoy (background junkie myself). You're right.....I'm not exhibiting nor am I trying to sell my art right now. I do it because it is the only thing I do that I enjoy. I believe I just had an epiphany thanks to you.

Judi Foster