Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Book of Myself

I came across this book on the Barnes and Noble website while looking for a book to make my order over $25 (so I would not have to pay shipping). This is a journal with prompts to help you along. I am one of those people that write in journals intermittently. I have several journals that I have never finished or gone to the end. I like this one because there are prompts in there that encourage me to think. I will fill out the pages when I have an odd moment - like soccer practice or waiting for the doctor.

The reason why I decided to get this book is so that I have something to leave for my kids and for future generations. I did not realize how important it was to know my family's medical history until I became pregnant. As I get older, it is more important to me to know what my relatives suffered from and what maladies were common in our family. I will make sure I include a family health history for my kids and their kids.

I know that my kids will not appreciate the journal now. I do think that they will enjoy and appreciate it when they, themselves, are adults and have a family of their own. We never know how long we will be around. I would like to be remembered.

The book is broken up into early years, middle years, and later years. A few of the prompts are
*how people described me as a child and how I described myself
*I had a childhood crush on...
*one big misunderstanding I had with a friend was...
*I never got married or I got divorced, because...

Interesting prompts that make me think back on my life. Hope the kids will appareciate it. If nothing else, it made me think of things that I thought were long forgotten.

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Eclectic Works said...

I, too, have started journals for my children, and have never finished them either. I like the point you mentioned about the family medical history. You have prompted me to add my family medical history to my journal(s)and to work at writing in them more often. Thanks also for the prompts you listed. I appreciate this information.