Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day Two

Yesterday, I had to be at the surgery center at 6 am. I did not even get to stop and get a cup of coffee. My dh had knee surgery on the right knee. He could barely walk on it. Had to get some ligaments and cartilage repaired. The surgery went well. I was out of there with my dh before 10 am.

I have to tell you, I AM TOTALLY EXHAUSTED. He is like a beached whale on my family room couch. He is doing amazingly well in terms of recovery. He has an electric motor ice pack/cooler that I have to refill with ice and water every so often. That thing is HEAVY! I have to connect and disconnect the Borg-like machine from his knee. I have had to go to CVS for 6 bags of ice. My ice maker in my freezer cannot keep up with the demand. The nurse came by to change his bandages. That is my job from now on. Fun, fun, fun. I have to hunt for his cell phone, palm, and medication. I have to referee my kids and take them to their activities. Oy, it is only day two and I am done. Going to try and get some sleep now instead of tackling dishes.

I am glad that he is okay. I will have to go through this again next year when he has his other knee operated on. Thanks to everyone who showed their concern and had very kind words for me. Thanks for the prayers and the encouragement. I really appreciated that. Now, I am truly the mother of 3 children.

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Sandy said...

I can imagine what you are going through. A year ago my husband had neck surgery. Exhausting work. Take care of yourself.