Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quilt University

Hey all! I just signed up for the Starting from Scratch class that starts on June 9th. Even though I have a sewing machine and I work with textiles, I don't know anything at all about quilting. I don't know squat. I have done a few small art quilts but I just winged it. I figure if I am going to keep creating with textiles and not just use them as an embellishment to my paper art, then I should know the basics of quilting. I want to do more than fabric ATCs and fabric based postcards. I just have a need to know. So, this will be my summer project. Anyone out there taken classes from this site before? Any feedback would be appreciated. I was going to take one with my friend, Sandy, but I got put on the waiting list. Well, I am not very good with waiting. Here is the link to the class that I will be taking starting June 9th (when I am at the Bead and Button Show).

I am hoping that some of you out there want to do this with me so I have some quilting buddies - even if only in cyberspace.


Nancy Ward said...

KunpzvZYou'll be amazed at how valuable quilting skills are in all aspects of paper arts. I was heavily involved (authored a pattern booklet, and taught dozens and dozens of classes) in patchwork and quilting long before I hit the paper trail, and I consider that background invaluable. Another perk is the incredible tools quilters use...many of those handy, inexpensive and practical tools work as well with paper as they do with fabric. You'll love every tid bit of info you acquire in the class!

judy c. said...

I have taken several classes from Quilt University -- dyeing fabric, beading, paper book - they are excellent. Your Inchie Banner is wonderful and I believe you have the qualities to become an outstanding seamstress!!

Good Job!