Sunday, May 06, 2007

UHU sample

Here is the UHU blog: This is where I got all the information about the UHU sample. Well, I got one. The one I received is in the pict above.
I am a big mono adhesive fan from the Stampin' Up demo days. I still use it because it is fast and convenient and not messy like glue stick. I usually use the Tombo mono adhesive.
I gave this UHU glue roller a try. It is easy to use. It does not gunk up like the mono adhesive sometimes does. It does skip though like the mono adhesive does. The UHU glue roller does not have a little cap to cover the exposed part of the unused tape, so if you travel, things can get stuck to the sticky side where the tape comes out.
I also did a comparison with the two. I noticed that the UHU glue roller is much more low tack than the mono adhesive. I tried the UHU glue roller when I first did some of my art journal cards. Well, now the paper parts are starting to come up. I will have to fix it before I send them out to other people. I would not use it for any of my collages unless the stuff I was gluing was thin paper. Anything heavier did not stay down.
The UHU glue roller is good for stuff like punchinella and my perforated paper. Since it is low tack, the exposed areas are not as sticky as it would be with other double sided tapes.
At this point, unless I am working on something that needs to be glued down temporarily, I would not buy this UHU glue roller. It is not sturdy enough for my art. It works just fine for thinner paper (like regular weight paper and not card stock weigh). I will need to try their other new products and see how they work. I think it is a good idea though. I am not a glue stick lover.

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