Friday, June 29, 2007

Dremel rotary tools that I own

Laura, you asked about this. I have the 395, 400 XPR, Stylus, glue gun. vise, and workstation. I use my 395 the most. If you are going to get one, then I would recommend the 300 series. It is a newer version of the 395. If you do a lot of work outside or move around a lot, then you might want something cordless like the Stylus. The 400 XPR is for my big jobs or when I am doing multiple things. I don't bother to switch out accessories when I am working. I just have all 3 of them by me so that one cuts, one sands, and one drills my holes. 400 XPR are for people who use their Dremel all the time. The flex shaft is nice because the extension lets you do things that might be awkward with the tool in your hands - like engraving or getting into smaller spaces. I don't know if you are part of the Dremel for Artists group or not. I am doing a Dremel 101 in that group right now. The link to the group is in the right column.

You can see all the rotary tools here:

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