Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moo Card Hints

I have found that using something with focal points is better than using something that is just a technique like a technique background. The techniques backgrounds don't look as good because it is in such a small space and you cannot visualize the rest of the texture. The images come out a little darker than real life. When you scan an image, scan the whole thing, leaving little or no white space. I did do a few with some white space and they came out okay, they are not my favorite. Make is a better resolution like 150 jpgs or higher. When you load picts into flickr, which is free, you get to choose up to 10 picts in your flickr album to be a moo card. You will get 10 each of a pict. If you choose less, it will automatically figure it out. When you have picked the ones you want, you can do some editing. There is a window/frame the shape of the moo card that you can move around. It is limited though. You can move it up and down and sideways to a certain extent. The orientation is only vertical or horizontal. You can only increase your pict so much to have it fit in the frame so much. I would suggest that you not increase the pict too much or it will digitize and will not look good on the moo card. When you have chosen your picts, you get to choose your font and the info you want to put on the back. I chose my name, email, blog, and website. I figure that people can get to my yahoo groups from my blog links.

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