Saturday, June 02, 2007

See my latest knitting creations

My son is modeling my latest knit scarf - for me! I had to make everyone else one before I could do one for myself. I had pre-orders! The middle is me with my first knit hat. It is not perfect but very wearable. I think that Sebastian the bear likes it as well.


Eclectic Works said...

The colors you used for the knitted scarf and hat are great. Love how they turned out. I like the fibers that are sticking out of the scarf, it gives it a textural effect. Btw your son is so sweet to model for you, he's a cutie :)


gina said...

Even as we speak, I am looking for a pattern to do a hat! I can only do basic knitting and I must try and improve on that. Was it really easy?