Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

Cindy Dean tagged me. Well, I am going to tag Shari, Harriet, Sandy, Sarah, Sherre, Sara, and Susan Chong. I think I've done this before but will do it again. I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself:

1. I secretly want to have long hair but cannot because I cannot grow it out. I hate how it feels on my neck and hate having to take time to do it in the morning. I had long hair when I had my first son and then it was over. I sometimes do not feel femine because my hair is short - it lasts about 3 seconds and then it's over.
2. I want to be a well known artist. I want to be in the art mags, teach workshops all over the country, and to exhibit my work. I want to be one of those artists that has written a book - that lots of other artists buy it and like it. Like everyone else, I would like to have some external validation. I am well-known to about 900 Art Technique members. That's a start.
3. I hide the dark chocolate from my kids because that is my favorite kind of chocolate. They like it, too.
4. I don't tell my husband what kind of workshops I go to. As a teacher, I also go to a lot of school related workshops for continuing education. I go to art related ones more!
5. I am ambivalent about teaching workshops. I don't like the prep that has to go into it. I worry about the time considerations and think no one will like how I teach it. I am fine once I get started. I like workshops once I get into it. I have never gotten a negative review from a workshop that I have taught.
6. I sometimes think about giving up art. It lasts for a few days and I cannot resist working on a new project or working on a background.
7. I love being a teacher. I still believe that there are no bad children - just children with bad behavior and bad habits. Boy, have I gotten quite a few of those as my students. Just when I think that I haven't reached any of them, there is one student who just surprises me and makes my year. Sorry for the run-on sentence. There is always one child who restores my faith and naivete. I also love teaching and running Art Techniques with Sherre. Some days, I can't tell you which one I like doing better or which one I feel I accomplish more in.
8. I a closet romance book reader. I especially like historical romances.
9. I can't stay sad for long. I cannot identify with people who are sad or depressed for a long time because I cannot do it.
10. I went to cooking school but still like to go out and eat rather than cook (sometimes).
11. I am a very driven person.
12. I feel the need to share. I think that's why I started blogging.
13. I would rather go to a bookstore to read a book and drink coffee than go to a club and drink.
14. I don't drink alcohol. I am Chinese and lack some enzyme that breaks down the alcohol. I get all red and usually puke right away. Tastes nasty anyway. I would rather drink tea, coffee, or ginger ale.
15. You don't know how happy I was when my kids were finally out of diapers.
16. I am a proud soccer mom. I was very happy when my son made it into the top team in his age group.
17. I still think about sex a lot - not much has changed since my teenage years. I am just more controlled in my actions now.

I think I've told you enough. Comments welcome (I think).

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Rachel Greig said...

Love it, thanks for sharing! I really admire your art, and I love all the stuff you've just written about yourself!