Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fence for Dremel at CHA

I spent most of today working on this. I wanted to be able to display my jewelry art so people could see it but not handle it too much or walk off with it in the crowd. I had this piece of fence that I had gotten at Menards. I had meant it for something else but it worked out. The canvas board pieces you see are from an experiment I did last night with Liquitex pouring medium and soft body acrylics. I saw it done at the Learning Expo and I wanted to try it for myself.
I did it on some canvas board I had gotten a long time ago at a Dick Blick clearance sale. I have to tell you that you need to put something underneath so you won't make a huge mess. Then line that with some wax paper. Do not touch it or move it until you are absolutely sure it is dry. I touched one before it was completely dried. Yeah, that's the one with the washers and little shims on it.
What you will need is some squeeze bottles, soft body acrylics, and Liquitex pouring medium. You might also want to have some black watercolor paper, mat board, or heavy paper around as well. I bought the squeeze bottles in the cake decorating section of Michael's. $12.99 for 18 bottles less 40% with Joann's coupon. Pour in equal amounts of pouring medium and soft body acrylic. Best deal online right now is ASW Express. They have a sale on Liquitex until the end of this month. Mix the pouring medium and acrylics well.
I just randomnly squeezed out colors until most of it was filled. Even though it flows, the colors do not flow into each other. I basically moved the paint around the canvas board until it was covered - stretching out the colors. It is very thick and will drip off your canvas. I just dripped it onto another sheet of paper and used that later on as well. I also took the end of a paper clip and then did some marbling. I just kept adding colors and moving the colors around until I liked how it looked. It does look darker when dry. It held my washers and shims without a problem.
I used my Dremel and drilled through the canvas board and wood. I used silver wire to keep the canvas board to the wood fence. I used my cutting tool to make the wood slats all the same length. There were two that were longer and pointed so it could be driven into the ground. Cutting tool took care of that. Grinding tool to smooth out the cut area so I wouldn't get any splinters. The fence came in that color.
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