Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Day AT CHA

I got there early for a workshop. It was a Pebbles, Inc. one. I don't do scrapbooking or cards. I just like their stuff. I got a bunch of fun foam stamps, stencils, chalks, and other little toys. I stayed for about an hour and then went down to the Dremel booth. People were already lining up an hour before it started. I found the booth and it was smaller than I thought. It still worked out well. Pat, Dremel customer service supervisor, was already there. I have to tell you that Pat is a full of Dremel knowledge and a very nice person. You can ask her anything.

I helped to set-up and re-set-up when I did not like something. I put up some of my art samples. I had gone on eBay to get some old keys for the make n' takes. Glad I did because the keys were very popular. The make n' takes went very well. I had a full house almost every time I did them. The running joke was that we would have the next make 'n take in 10 minutes because people would come up when I was 5 minutes into one and wanted to join it. I did not want to keep other people waiting, so they waited. Several people told me it was the best make 'n take they had tried since it was so different. Most of the make 'n takes there are more scrapbook-y.

A lot of people who tried it had never used a Dremel before. They were amazed by how easy it was. The workstation made drilling the holes into the mah jong tiles very easy. We drilled, cut, and sanded down stuff. People came up with very innovative pendants. They wanted to buy one on the spot. There are no cash sales at CHA.

Name dropping before I forget. Mary Warner came by - wonderful art friend who lives not too far from me. Owner of a local scrapbook store - Memories and Beyond on 75th Street in Downers Grove. Suze Weinberg stopped by - still one of the nicest people I have ever met. Suze is a great workshop teacher and is very personable with everyone. Jacqueline Sullivan stopped by to say "Hi". Christina from stopped by as well. I met a lot of great artists who I hope will be part of the Dremel for Artists group. I apologize if I have forgotten anyone else. There were so many people and so much going on.

I did not have much time to walk around. I did stop by the Ranger booth. The big thing is the crackle paint from Tim Holtz. Display was nice. They always have a good booth. They also have a big thing on Memories line. All I could think of was that you could buy the Golden crackle paste, let that dry, and then paint it whatever color you want. Tim's crackle paints come in different colors. Hmmm, don't want to spend that money. I guess it would be a convenience item. Sorry, Judy, no samples of it. As usual, tons of women crowded around Tim Holtz doing some demo. He actually does some fun, creative stuff. I did not even bother to go near that.

I stopped by 7 Gypsies and did a simple make 'n take. It was an ATC box holder. They had a cute ribbon idea. I might use it. That got glue stick all over my fingers. I love 7 Gypies stuff.

Going back to Suze, I have taken a workshop with her before. The Dremel people did not know who she was, they are not into art like we are. I told them about her. I told them that Suze's (almost, ALMOST, but not quite) name is as well known to artists and crafters as Oprah in general. Now, don't anyone fuss. It was just a comparison since they did not know who she was. Suze is known by many since she has been around for a long time and does a lot of workshops all over the place. Even if you have not taken any workshops, a lot of you know who she is. Even though she is a big name, she is always very nice with time to chat with you. She has a very warm personality. That's probably a big reason why she is so popular. She took a picture of me with my book shrine by some Dremel equipment. I gave her one of my make n' take pendants and one of my sample charm bracelets. I didn't tell her that I don't do UTEE anymore. LOL!

I also stopped by the 10 Seconds Studio booth. They do the metal embossing. Cheryl Darrow was there. I chated with her for a minute. They do some fun things. If you like metal embossing, then taking a workshop with her is worth it. I took one once with her. I did a great piece that is over my fireplace now.

I found Art Girlz. Love their stuff because it is so eclectic. I am going to have to make some of those cone purses with my 6th grade girls this year. They had embossed paper beads on their charm bracelets.

I came home dog tired. I ate on the way home. I had a cup of tea and a scoop of ice cream. I promptly planted myself on the couch. I fell asleep pretty early. I was supposed to go with my sister to pick up the new Harry Potter book. That didn't happen. I guess I will go and pick it up today from her.

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DIANE said...

Hey Belinda, it was great meeting you at CHA. I was one of those people who always seemed to stop by when you were in the middle of your demo. Finally just camped out on Sunday and waited. Your make-n-take was awesome. I even stopped by Home Depot on the way home on Sunday and bought a Dremel. :) Off to join your Dremel Yahoo group.