Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My first two structures

I have started creating my houses, apts. building, and skyscrapers for the skyline and skyscraper swap in the In This House Yahoo group. You can click on the structures for a larger view. The one on the left is Fiona Lutradur's House. The one on the right is Emil's House of Duct Tape.

If you have not gotten the book, In This House, then you should take a look at it. There are a lot of ideas that you can glean from that book. I really found a lot of little things that I can use in my art. Not just for houses either.

The left one is Lutradur glued onto the house foundation. When the glue dried, I took a heat gun to the Lutradur and heated it until I got the nice holes and burnt spots. It stayed relatively flat. Do this outside or in a well ventilated area. I figure the heating releases toxic fumes like with tyvek or felt. I painted the house with some leftover gold Lumiere paint. Let that dry and then used my finger to dab brown paint all over it in random spots. The brown paint really brought out the texture in the Lutradur. I cut out and glued on the windows and door. This is what you save your scraps for!!!

The one on the right is Emil's House of Duct Tape. The house part used a text page that I went over with gesso. I let that dry. I used an ink pad and did the edges to define it a little. I glued on the windows and door. I added a roof - scrap from my faux rusted metal technique. The final touch was the duct tape. I don't use duct tape myself in my art. I do have some in my tool box though. I DID have some in my toolbox. How it got into my dh's toolbox, I will never know. I put the tape in a couple of spots to make it look like the duct tape was holding the house together in spots. If I am going to do this, then I am going to have fun.

Not sure yet if I am going to do 20 completely different structures or not. I might do some multiples of ones that I really like. I do want a little community going so I can put it on my wall as a skyline. I will do at least 6-12 different structures. I have put more thought into this swap than I usually do with art projects. I actually sketched out some buildings the other night with specific themes. I am not sure if I will do all of them but now I won't forget the ingenious ones that I thought of and would otherwise forget.

Well, off to eat rainbow ice cream and to have chocolate covered strawberries. Have a safe and fun 4th everyone!

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