Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Really getting started on my altered book

Well, I have gotten my book, I have torn out some pages, and now I have cut a window and a niche. The window is cut into my front cover. I used my Dremel and cutting tool to do it. It was quite easy. Much easier than an exacto knife. The cutting tool also cleaned the edges some for me.
I also did a niche near the back to show you how to do it. The important thing here is that you clamp down the part where you want a niche so the pages will not move. I just used the cutting tool here and cut down to the back cover. How thick, how deep, and how big is up to you. Depends on what you want to put in it.
When it is cut out, you have to use gel medium or some other glue to glue the pages together so it is a solid block. There is not need to glue every single page individually to another. Just put a piece of wax paper at the bottom of your niche. Use some gel medium or some other liquid glue and apply glue liberally to the edges of the page where you niche forms and the actual niche itself. Put another sheet of wax paper over that. Close the book and clean off the edges so you don't have excessive drip. You want enough on there so your pages stay stuck together but you don't want it to dry gloppy. Put several heavy books on top of the altered book. Check for gloppy glue. Let dry overnight or until fully dry before continuing.
You can also see a hole near the top of the book. Yes, I drilled through the book. Wanted to see if I could do that for something else later on.
You can buy the book already in a shape from She carries other shapes as well. I also have some fun embellishments from skybluepink that I will be using later on in the book. You can also cut your own shapes from a book using a scroll saw from Dremel. Yes, I want one, Dremel!!! Here is the link to a pict of a scroll saw:
What is so marvy about it is that it cuts a book so easily and the edges are very smooth. We just tried it last week while I was at Dremel in Racine. Yes, I need to cut my own books. Do you know what I could do with one of those? Yes, they do a blade available for metal. Life is wonderful. I looked on Amazon and it runs about $250.
Okay, my book is drying right now. Will post when I work on it more.

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