Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel mahjong pendants

Dremel for Artist members - you are welcome to use this idea for the charm swap. I get the mahjong tiles from Her link is in my right column. You can also get Scrabble tiles, ball chain and connectors, and other fun stuff from her. You can use mini dominoes instead of the mahjong tile for the charm swap.
You begin by drilling a hole in the top near the edge. You want it near the edge so the jump ring will go in easily. You can also drill one or two holes near the bottom. Just make sure your drill bit is big enough for the jump ring to go through later on.
The background is done using Brilliance pads and a heat gun. You press the blank side of the tile into the Brilliance pad until you get the coverage you want. Don't go too dark or you won't see the stamped image. Heat set. You can layer the Brilliance but heat set in between layers so you don't contaminate your Brilliance pad.
Find a stamp you like and use a black StazOn pad. Once you have the ink on the stamp, have the stamp placed rubber side up on a firm, flat surface. Press the tile into the part of the stamp that you want on the tile. Press down firmly and then lift straight up. Heat set.
Use jump rings and attach any embellishments you want to add. If you want to add a folding yardstick piece, cut a piece of the yardstick off. You would use your cutting wheel. If you want, you can hold the yardstick piece in a vice. Use the sanding or grinding accessory to smooth down the yardstick edge. If the yardstick piece looks too new, then take the sanding/grinding accessory to the face to take off some of the paint. Instant distressing! Use eye protection so nothing flies into your eyes. BTW, I buy lots of old yardstick pieces from eBay.
You can add whatever you want to the bottom. The little metal mesh pieces are from the hardware store. I found it by the doors. I think they are part of a screen or part of some type of vent. Just use metal snips to cut. Use the grinding accessory to smooth the edges.
Add your jump rings and you are done. You can easily turn it into a necklace with some ball chain and connector.
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Artsy-Reg said...

LOVE the mahjong pendant!! I'll be trying out your technique with one of Zettiology's funky rubber stamps. Thanks for such good directions.

Artsy-Reg said...

LOVE the mahjong pendant! Can't wait to try it - thanks for such good directions!