Thursday, August 02, 2007

Art Unraveled Journal

This is the journal I made yesterday using the Bind-It-All system that I got from Link in right column. I used the 1 1/4" coils here because I am going to put things in there and I wanted the journal to expand comfortablly. I used the covers that skybluepink carries with the system. I used some printed paper, painted over it. You can tell the original color where the coil binding it. I then used this stamp I absolutely love over it. I just used different colors with same stamp and over-stamped. I did that with both covers. There is printed paper on the inside part of both covers. I used colored paper that I found on clearance at some bookstore. It was very easy with the binding system. It comes with a DVD. I will probably have to look at it very soon. If you get one, look at the DVD because there is a little trick on where to place the back cover so the back of your coil goes in the right place.
BTW, the Bind-It-All coils are very similar to the ones you see a lot used in school notebooks.

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