Saturday, August 11, 2007

Art Unraveled summary

Sorry, I got all caught up in the happenings. I got very tired from all the activity during the day. The climate started giving me a migraine. So, I will recap now.

Tuesday: I started out with an a.m. class with the pewter book. I have done a lot of metal embossing before but wanted to learn more about book binding. I have books on it but it is easier for me to do if I see it. I did not get a lot of tips from this class. I was already finished with the metal embossing part and just needed help with the book binding. The assistant ended up showing me how to do the binding of the signatures. I did patina the pewter but did not like how it looked, so I used some acrylic paint on there. I finished up and just left. I did go to the onsite store and buy some more pewter and some paper so I could make another journal. I will take a pict and put it up on my blog in a later post. I was very happy with the two journals.

Moral of this story: In the past, I have learned to not interject a lot of comments or suggestions. I have been told that this might throw off the instructor. I have been reminded by my friends that I am not the teacher that day but the student. Even if I do know more than the instructor - that I should shut up and enjoy myself. Okay, I thought about it and got it. This was awhile back. I can understand how this can fluster someone. So, now, I just go along with the class. If I choose to do something differently, then I just do it and am quiet about it. I understand how I can be loud, persistent, dominating, commanding, and generally annoying. So, I try not to do that. I answer questions if asked. I do not back down and do something exactly the way the instructor does it because I don't like to copy what someone else does. I want to learn the technique and apply it so it works with what I do. Moral? Go with the flow.

Gotta go right now. Grandma offered to buy the kids some clothes for school. Can't pass that up. Will tell ya about the rest of Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs later.

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