Thursday, August 30, 2007

Book Review: The Dangerous Books for Boys

Book is by Hal and ConnIggulden. I had seen it at Borders and finally ordered it when I got Living the Creative Life. It is a fabulous book. It really appeals to me at different levels. It contains a bunch of information that boys and men should know. Some people might think it is old-fashioned but I love all the information provided. There are such things in it as how to tie certain knots, build a treehouse, rules of soccer, Morse code, understanding rules of grammar, hunting and cooking a rabbit, historical information, interesting stories, famous battles, and it goes on and on! It is just full of different information. A lot of it is in depth. It appeals to the child in me before we had all the electronic stuff - when we went out to play and ride our bikes. As a teacher, I love it because it has a lot of useful information in it. Most of the diagrams and pictures are very simple and easy to understand. Most of the picts and diagrams are in B&W - some are in color. Shouldn't all kids know how to make a paper hat or paper boat? This book brings back a lot of stuff that might be forgotten or becoming lost in our age. Love this book! Just wish there was one for Girls. This would make a great gift for any teacher, man or boy. I bet quite a few girls (besides me) would also find it interesting.


Corrine said...

I've just got this book too, I'll be getting another one as I think my sons need one each. They'll make wonderful Christmas presents.

Sandy said...

What would you put in the one for girls? I liked the book when I saw it. I had to laugh at some of the stuff. However, I thought that the book was perfect for girls too. Nothing wrong with them learning to skip stones or having practical knowledge. My dad showed me all the stuff he showed my brothers and it has come in handy way more than the embroidery and crochet taught to me by my mom. I can change the oil or tires, have no trouble putting together kit furniture and at one time in my life could throw a great spiral in football. Artwise, I appreciate what mom taught me too. I love knowing both! I think it should have been the Dangerous Book for Kids!