Friday, August 17, 2007

Review of Pasticcio

This is the first isssue of a new zine called Pasticcio. Don't ask me how to pronounce it. It does have a phonetic spelling at the beginning of the zine. It is a zine put out by Sarah Fishburn and Angela Cartwright. You can get a copy here:

The quality of the zine is very nice. You can tell that it was professionally printed. The pages are nice, glossy, and shiny. It is all in color. The cover is spray painted. It isn't all about art. There are quotes, spoonerisms, movie quips, and some movie reviews. What is nice about the movie reviews is that is it similar to a time capsule - people can gauge our time period by the movies. I thought that was very interesting. There are very colorful drawings and art on every page. There are a couple of pages of background techniques - right up my alley!

There are some featured artists in the Palais du art section. There is a large pict of the piece with brief artist information. I really liked some of them. I liked one by Erika Tysse. She has a nice flow to her artwork. I liked the composition. There were letters going over parts of the girls. The outline of one of the girl's head caught my eye. The one by Claudine Hellmuth was very whimsical. It really has a lot of contrast. I especially liked the one by Pilar Isabel Pollack. There is just something that I like about B&W and the graffiti type writing. I just like all that scribbling and red color contrast. Something about that really speaks to me. I really enjoyed the colors and layers of the CW Slade piece. There is so much more than what you see at first glance. Sally Turlington's backgrounds are done very nicely. I love the textures and colors in the background. It is a little busy for me but I am groovin' on the background.

There is also an artist interview and some other biographical information about a couple of other artists. It is a very interesting zine with lots of eye candy. If you are a zinester, then you will really appreciate this zine. I have not seen such a fun zine since the Book Artist. The only thing missing was some of my art! Yeah, I couldn't resist. The thing I like about zines is the variety. They don't keep putting in the same artists and same type of art (like some big art mags we know of but won't name). Every page has some art for you to see. It is not technique focused. It has a little bit of everything. I like the artist profiles. It is always interesting for me to see what other artists are doing. I gleaned a lot of ideas from this zine. On the downside, the cost is a little high for a zine. I do understand since it is not mass produced like the mags are.

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Jan Scholl said...

Pasticcio is a meat pie but most recipes have it with macaroni. As it bakes the items bind and when cooled are cut into squares.

another translation is mess or trouble. the pie before baking is a mess in the bowl and its trouble on your hips if you eat it all!

try this

I think the zine may be referring to a jumbled mess of ideas and thoughts-in a good sense