Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mosaic example

I just started up a swap in the Art Techniques group. You can click on the link in the right column to join if you want to play. Yeah, I know I said no more swaps for awhile because I got upset about what happened. This is different because I am not swapping out anything. People are going to make 4 mosaic pieces, keep 1, and mail the other 3 to their swap partners. That person will get 3 different ones back. It will make a very interesting piece when you put all 4 of them together.

The one with XOX Fairy stamp is from This is just a simple stamp on top of some printed paper I had. I like the look on the fairy's face. Kinda sad. I think the paper is a Tim Holtz thing. I stamped, I cut out, and I glued on a piece of mat board. I painted the matboard first with black acrylic paint and sprayed some Radiant Rain on it. I wanted to empphasize the cracks, so I used the white poster paint pen for the dots. You can't see it very well in the scan but I used some glitter glue in the cracks to bring out the mosaic effect. Looks better in real life. Yes, I succumbed and used glitter. It hurt me.

The second one is also using matboard as the base. I used some acrylic paint and Radiant Rain like with the first one. I worked from the borders in. The challenge was to fill up as much space as possible with buttons. If you see light spots in the background, then that is because the glue is not all dried yet. I have soccer again this morning and wanted to do this before the day got away from me. I still need to do my progress reports. Yikes!

Sometimes, creating is just about creating. Once you start on these mosaic tiles, you will want to keep going with different materials. I need to create a few more to see what a set of 4 will look like on a background. Just root around for stuff to try this with -scraps of paper, buttons, washers, string, fibers, fabric, words, little round erasers, beads, etc...Have some fun and create something cool, abstract, and utterly fun all at the same time. This is a good activity to do with kids or just something to do to bring out the kid in you.

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