Monday, September 03, 2007

No art for me this weekend

I spent the entire weekend being a soccer mom. In between tournament games, I came home and slept in between coughing. Both the dh and I were sick this weekend. I was also hoarse which was made worse by yelling during the soccer games. My son's teams did really well. They are playing up one age group this year. They won both their games on Saturday. They tied on Sunday and lost their semi-final game today. It was kinda sad but not totally unexpected. There are a lot of new things about being U10 that was not in lower age brackets. Still, they did extremely well and they battled kids bigger, faster, and stronger than they were. There was also the team party yesterday after the game. It was a great pool party. My kids hardly ever got out of the pool. The food was fab - not that my kids ate that much of it. I ate enough for the both of them! There was also a pinata for the kids and an outdoor movie. They even had a goodie bag! Our hosts sure did know how to throw a party. It was a great way to chat with the other parents and for the team members to bond with each other.

I did not do any art at all this weekend. I was laying on the couch drinking tea or napping when not on the soccer field. My kids also have the knitting bug. I bought them the round knitting plastic things so they could make their own hats. I have to supervise and help with some parts of it. It did not leave me time to do much else in between fixing dropped stitches and winding the yarn around the round thing - whatever it is called.

I just finished doing most of my lesson plans for the month. You would think that I could just use the ones from last year. I wish. We have a new Science and Reading series this year. It took me awhile to figure out what I had to do. Sometimes, there is too much information and too little time. Cannot do everything in a school day! Not even if we did not eat lunch or go to the bathroom. Still need to work on the guided reading stuff - figure that will wait until tomorrow's planning period.

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